Health Education
Customized Wellness Services and Programs

The costs of insurance premiums and employee medical claims are at an all time high, and they continue to rise. Productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost employers hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and business leaders need to make effective changes in the workplace in order to curb these rising costs. Worksite health promotions and wellness programs stand out as long-term solutions when it comes to keeping employees healthier and happier.

What We Can Do For You

By offering wellness goals and action plans, employers can help their employees adopt healthier lifestyles, which can lower their risks of developing costly chronic diseases. Good Shepherd Health and Prevention Services works with employers and organizations to develop and define wellness goals using a variety of tools, such as:
• Health risk assessments
• Diagnostic labs
• Biometric data
Based on each organization’s unique needs, Health and Prevention Services can design customized wellness programs that will enrich the workplace environment.

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