Medical Simulation Center of East Texas
An innovative learning environment

The Medical Simulation Center of East Texas is dedicated to providing an innovative learning environment for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and students. With interactive simulation techniques and a computer skills lab, attendees can practice competencies and learn new techniques in a safe, effective space.

The center enhances the quality of health care and patient safety by allowing practitioners to apply their cognitive and psychomotor skills in a supportive, controlled environment. With an emphasis on safe, effective and compassionate care, learners can practice clinical skills in in-depth scenarios designed to challenge their critical thinking while giving them the opportunity to excel in medical care and life-saving techniques.

The Medical Simulation Center offers a wide variety of courses for learners of all levels and specialties. Custom training programs are available to meet the needs of your staff’s continuing medical and nursing education. The simulation center also provides the ability to simply practice techniques in a safe environment. We can give learners the freedom to practice rarely seen cases until it becomes routine, without risk to patient safety.

Courses and programs available include:

  • Advanced airway programs
  • Advanced emergency procedure courses
  • Code Blue courses
  • Emergency airway management courses
  • Maternal child services
  • Med-surg skills courses
  • Rapid response courses
  • Virtual computer-based IV trainer services
  • Certifications

Hours and Information

The Medical Simulation Center is open Monday through Friday and is primarily used for scheduled practice labs. Extra time can be arranged for remediation and learner practice. For more information about the Medical Simulation Center of East Texas or to discuss a customized course for your training needs, please call 903.315.5280 or email

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